If you planning to get new flooring for your industrial premises or are building your dream office, choosing the right floor is important. Due to heavy wear and tear in commercial and industrial areas, a polished concrete floors may be just the thing for you.

The floor of industries as well as office spaces receives high footfall, vehicle traffic or both. So having floors that offer increased cleanliness, great appearance and maintenance ease would be a great option. If you are unaware of this kind of flooring and its benefits, read on.

Different Advantages of Polished Concrete Flooring

Apart from its attractive looks, this flooring type offers business owners a lot of benefits as well. Let’s have a look at the 7 most important ones.

1: Cost-Effective Flooring Option

Due to negligible maintenance and higher durability, these floors do not need to be replaced very often. As a result, these prove to be cost-effective flooring choices for businesses.  Anyone looking for cost-effective options for flooring will do well to choose this type. Polished concrete floors can be done using inexpensive raw materials. Flooring materials like wood and others can be much more expensive. So if you are looking to cut costs, this can be a singularly effective way to do so.

2: A Convenient Choice for Businesses

Expert industrial polished concrete contractors offer quick and easy-to-use polished concrete flooring options. Having such flooring in your office or factory is a great choice. Whether you are taking off your old flooring and having it replaced by this one, or you need polished concrete flooring for a new office, it is certainly an easy task. Hire professionals for having the perfect solution in a short time. This reduces the amount of time waiting for your flooring to be done.

3: Hypoallergenic Flooring

For allergy-prone individuals, it can be tough to find hypoallergenic spaces. In fact, it can be downright impossible to do so. That is why choosing polished concrete floors in industrial spaces or offices can be the smart thing to do. Get hypoallergenic flooring to have a safe space devoid of allergens and dust.

Commercial areas have the risk of a lot of outside pollens, allergens, dander, dust and more coming in and attaching to the flooring. Polished concrete is excellent because it allows you to sweep and even mop. This can help in keeping allergens away and maintaining a spotless area. Further, it helps to keep your floor mold-free even when wet.

Office establishments have constant foot traffic coming and going out, using a vacuum or a Hoover just does not do the trick. The traditional means of sweeping and mopping floors is the best way to reduce the number of allergens and polished concrete flooring can help you achieve that. 

4: Scratch-Resistant

Many different types of flooring constantly get small scratches and even dents in them. This can severely impact the look and feel of the flooring. If you don’t want that to happen, then choosing this type of flooring is a great idea.

Scratches and worse still, dents don’t look good after a while and they can be a pain to get rid of. Thanks to polished concrete, these just don’t happen from daily use.

5: Higher Cleanliness

Industrial establishments are prone to spills as well as accidents. So, having a porous material like concrete increases the effort of keeping it maintained. Due to the use of liquids, oils, and different types of chemicals, polished concrete floors create a more productive and cleaner space.

6: Variety Of Options Available

It is quite normal to want to have a working space that you find aesthetically pleasing. Flooring plays a big part in making that happen. The good thing about polished concrete is that you are not limited by options. In fact, there are many varieties available for you to pick and choose from.

People will often think of concrete as something that lines their sideways. But the truth is that there are several varieties for you to choose from. Get reflective flooring made of concrete.

Add your own special touch in the form of colorful dyes and stains. You can even create a marked effect if that is what you are looking for. Needless to say, a good professional firm will be able to give you a list of options to choose from an aesthetic point of view.

7: It is Environmentally Friendly

Most users are presently trying to choose more environmentally-friendly options. Polished concrete is definitely an environmentally-friendly choice for flooring because it is highly sustainable. Not only is concrete hard and strong, but it also ensures that it does not fade or break away easily.

It can be decades before it shows any signs of wear and tear. This is incredibly good for the environment because it means less waste.

The polished layer offers a higher level of sustainability and it can be achieved easily. The polishing also affects the flooring positively by helping it stay protected against dents and scratches.

 8: Low-Maintenance Flooring

A big benefit that business owners love about their polished concrete floors is the fact that it is so low-maintenance. There is literally no maintenance required other than getting polishing done after every few years. Just a mop like you usually do and that’s all there is to be done for beautiful floors. Since the scratches and dents don’t happen at all, you will have less worrying to do.

Where Can You Find the Most Reliable Polished Concrete Flooring Option for You?

Now that you know all the benefits this type of floor has to offer for commercial establishments, it is time to find professionals to do it for you. Well, with that in mind, there is none better than Intelli-Clean Solutions, with its team of flooring experts. Their economic rates and reputation are what make them stand out and you can choose them with confidence for your home or commercial property.


Polished concrete floors have been around for many years and it is gradually becoming very popular for people who love low-maintenance and hygienic flooring. The best professional firm to hire for the work is one that has access to the right tools and equipment to produce fabulous end results.