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Polished concrete floors are a popular option for commercial spaces due to their durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. However, it’s important to note that, like any flooring, it requires routine maintenance to preserve their shine and durability. This is where a professional provider like Intelli-Clean comes in.

Our expertise in polished concrete floor maintenance preserves the appearance and longevity of your flooring investment. Regular maintenance can prevent scratches, chips, and stains from compromising the surface of your concrete floor, ultimately leading to costly repairs or even replacement. By trusting us, you can ensure that your flooring investment looks its best for years to come.


Keeping your business’s floors in good condition is essential to creating a safe and inviting environment for employees, customers, and visitors. Therefore, looking for signs that you need to invest in polished concrete floor maintenance and prevent wear and tear is important.

Decreasing Shine

Keeping your business’s floors in good condition is essential to creating a safe and inviting environment for employees, customers, and visitors. Therefore, looking for signs that you need to invest in polished concrete floor maintenance and prevent wear and tear is important.

Loss of Color

Polished concrete floors are known for their vibrant colors, which come from dyes mixed into the cement paste before it is applied to the surface. However, exposure to moisture and traffic can cause the color to fade over time. Investing in regular polished concrete floor maintenance services from Intelli-Clean will help restore colors and prevent further discoloration caused by foot traffic or water damage.

Uneven Flooring

Foot traffic causes wear and tear on uneven surfaces, which can worsen into safety hazards for employees, customers, and visitors if left unchecked. Our maintenance services at Intelli-Clean help to even out bumps and dips in your floor’s surface so that it is smooth and safe for everyone who uses it.


The longer liquid, dirt, and grease stains are left untreated, the more difficult they will become to remove altogether. Regular maintenance service from Intelli-Clean can help you get rid of existing stains quickly and easily while preventing new stains from forming in the future.

Unpleasant Odors

It’s common for odors to linger on polished concrete floors due to food spills or other messes that haven’t been cleaned up properly. These attract pests and give off an unpleasant stench that may put off customers or visitors entering your premises. Our maintenance service will help eliminate these smells quickly and effectively so that everyone who enters your business feels comfortable and welcome at all times.

Cracks and Damages

If left unchecked, cracks and chips can escalate into tripping hazards or damage caused by water infiltration during storms or floods. Investing in Intelli-Clean’s polished concrete floor maintenance services patch up any cracks before they become too big or deep for regular cleaning products to fix effectively.


Don’t wait any longer; get a free estimate today for Intelli-Clean’s polished concrete floor maintenance services.


At Intelli-Clean, our maintenance process is dependent on your floor’s condition. We have a tailored process specifically geared to preserving your surface. Our process typically follows these steps:

  1. Preparing the floor for metal cuts.
  2. Cleaning and patching.
  3. Determining the grit to use in your flooring. For low traffic areas, we supply anywhere from 30-100 grit material. For high traffic areas, we provide 800-1,800 grit.
  4. For certain projects, Intelli-Clean can fill expansion joints or apply a concrete stain. This is all completed during the 12-step grinding process.
  5. Following the grinding process, we complete another round of cleaning and then apply polished concrete sealer.


With over 25 years of experience serving commercial and industrial businesses throughout the Florida area, Intelli-Clean has all the tools and skills to provide the best polished concrete floor maintenance in the industry.

From dull and drab to gleaming and beautiful, we use our cutting-edge diamond grinding technology to make concrete shine. We believe that the bond with our customers doesn’t end when the job does; we’re here for advice on everything from selecting stones to caring for them over time. When you invest in polishing your concrete, you want it to stand out; that’s why we strive to help our clients take full advantage of its benefits.


In addition to our floor maintenance, Intelli-Clean offers other polishing services to our commercial and industrial customers in the Florida area.

Polished Concrete

Intelli-Clean has perfected a process of utilizing densifiers to polish concrete, bolstering its abrasion resistance by up to 400%, and enhancing its impact strength. Our method keeps the environment safe by eliminating hazardous dust particles from the concrete.

Polished Overlays

Transform the look of your floors with Intelli-Clean’s premium polished concrete overlay services. Our experienced technicians will take extra care to enhance your existing floor, leaving you with a seamless and easy-to-maintain surface.

Epoxy Coatings

For a durable, glossy finish that can handle the toughest chemicals, epoxy coatings are the way to go. This strong coating comes in two containers, which must be blended before use. As one of the top providers of concrete epoxy coatings, Intelli-Clean has a team of seasoned experts who go above and beyond to deliver the best services available, all at budget-friendly prices!

Intelli-Clean: Your Go-To Provider of Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance in Florida

Taking care of your business’s polished concrete floors doesn’t have to be a chore! Investing in regular polished concrete floor maintenance services will provide numerous benefits. Don’t wait until it’s too late; partner with Intelli-Clean today to preserve your floor for years to come.

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