Concrete Staining

When dealing with a bare concrete floor, many business owners and general contractors quickly install tile or carpet. While these solutions are adequate, both tile and carpet need constant maintenance and care.

Benefits of Stained Concrete

Polishing concrete creates a highly attractive marble-like sheen-similar to that of elaborate terrazzo or other superior stone flooring-which does not dull with age or use. 

Advantages to concrete staining include:

  • It is low maintenance
  • It is a permanent finish – no reapplications required
  • It provides a stronger, more durable surface that is scratch- and slip-resistant
  • It allows concrete to continue to breathe, so there is no moisture-related cracking or peeling
  • It is odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic

How Concrete Staining Works

We use impregnating densifies for polished concrete, which hardens and densifies concrete, yielding up to a 400% increase in abrasion resistance and improved impact strength.

This means that concrete dust-which is an environmental hazard-is eliminated, leaving you with a polished concrete surface that is much more resistant to chipping. We do not use topical coatings or waxes during the staining process. There is no need to repaint or add new coats in the future, which is economical and sustainable.

Our concrete staining services have been used by general contractors and business owners to transform:

  • food handling and service areas
  • auto dealerships
  • healthcare facilities
  • warehouse floors
  • concrete countertops

We also extend our services to residential clients who wish to benefit from our commercial concrete staining services in their own homes. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your garage floor, living room, or kitchen counter, we have the skills and training to help you create the luxurious living space of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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